Kristian Bland

Purebrite Cleaning

Purebrite cleaning company is an Eastbourne based company offering window cleaning for domestic, retail & commercial properties & interior cleaning for office buildings, retail premises & communal areas in residential apartment buildings around Eastbourne & surrounding areas.

Since 2009 I have grown my business personally from a small window cleaning round to now providing quality window cleaning to a regular customer base of over 500 clients.

In early 2019 I expanded my business into the contract cleaning industry offering clients old & new office cleaning, toilet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, waste management & caretaking duties in there workplaces & around there working hours to meet there daily needs & to be able to supply all cleaning materials & equipment as required.

From working alone for many years I now have a team of good, experienced, reliable cleaners as part of my business.

My aim is to offer my services to businesses & meet there needs & to always deliver a professional high standard of work at competitive prices.


07799 162194

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